The Coastin Cartographic Society

Boreas Nullus Ultra Caelum Est

There's No North in Space

Welcome to the Coastin Cartographic Society, Adalia's oldest educational institution. Founded by Markus Korivak and based out of /44561 'Coastin' since the earliest days of Arrival.

The Coastin Cartographic Society is dedicated to helping all Adalians understand the unique "geography" of living in an asteroid belt of a quarter-million independently orbiting rocks, all endlessly tumbling beneath the eternal night sky.



  1. Points of Interest - List of noteworthy and interesting asteroids.
  2. Who’s Where? - *Last known locations of the former Department Heads*
  3. Adalia Then and Now - The status of the belt, after the April Sale and the September Sale.



  1. The ABCD - Adalian Belt Cartographic Definitions
  2. MER - Maximum Extraction Rate of Influence Asteroids


  1. First Coastin Convention - "Arrival" (April 2021)
  2. Second Coastin Convention - "Populate the Belt" (September 2021)