Night Flights

Night Flights

The Ongoing Adventures of the LTS Jenny Haniver

(Yeah, it's straight-up Mortal Engines fan-fiction, set in Adalia.)

Dramatis Personae

Light Transport Ship Jenny Haniver
Captain Hester Shaw
Co-Captain Tom Natsworthy
Engineer Katherine Valentine
Engineer Bevis Pod
Passenger Nimrod Beauregard Pennyroyal
Influence is developed by Unstoppable Games. Mortal Engines is written by Philip Reeve.

000001 - 'Adalia Prime'

/1 'Adalia Prime'

aID: TG-29980



Adalia Prime is the largest asteroid in the Adalia System, a Huge Pure-C Type orbiting in the middle of the mainbelt at 1,185 days OP.

In fact, it’s very centrality to colonial life is what defines where the “middle” of the mainbelt is even cons...

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